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Why is it so important to digitize my memories?  Over time your irreplaceable family memories are fading and deteriorating. Temperature and Humidity are conditions take their toll on photos. Even when carefully stored,  your originals eventually will deteriorate. Pictures can be destroyed by water, sunlight or every day wear and tear.  Over the generations, not everyone who has recieved these precious items will see them as needing special care.  To prevent this, you should consider "digitizing" all your generational momementos.


How do I get started protecting my memories? The simplest way to start, is to let us know what you need to have protected.  We will begin by reviewing  the different services that we offer, then we can set up a personal consultation session to specific to those needs and interests. Having a dedicated appointment time  ensures a speedy review process for your project . You can schedule an appointment anytime by calling me at 613-544-0566 or email me on my contact page.
How do I know my memories will be secure? If we need to remove the photos from your care we will always label and organize them in a secure box with your information to ensure nothing gets lost or misplaced. Often we do not even need to remove the items from your home as we can come to your home for the capture and interview.   We do all our work in-house so your valuable memories will never leave our office.



Frequently asked Quesitions:


Memory Works began as a solution to a need I had in preserving my own family history. After our father passed away we found 100’s of photos covering many generations of family life with no feasible way to share them or enjoy them in an organized way. I began to consider all the old family photos, videos and slides that we had stored in our closet and book shelves, and the long term implications of not preserving them for future generations.















Turn your photographs, slides & negatives into any digital format. We’ll organize your photo album according to your preference. We can also print them and have them bound, into high quality, hard cover books and soft cover albums you can give or share with other members of the family or group.



I can design, print and produce hard or softcover photo books for all kinds of occasions. Whether you need a sign in book for your Bat Mitzvah or you're putting together a family album, we can help with all your photo book needs.

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