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Final version of Collaborative work.

2014-10-16 Patricia's YOG-0029.jpg

Well all the pieces came together with everyone adding their parts on time and with flair. I added the details I drew from Sereana's work on the poem and added a tear. The eye is half open and half closed in some ways an indication of that force of waking that pushes through even the gentlest of happy dreamings. I think you can sense the difference betweenthe waking pull into the daily sometimes chaotic demands of living and the opposition of out lure to sleep and be free of the human limitations that only dreams can afford us.

Just want to thank each wonderful artist involved:

William van Asperen videographer, editor and producer

Sereana Lindsey: Poetry

Michael East: Photography stills

William van Asperen: music composer, musician, performer of spoken word

Keathe Yanovsky, and Peggy Fussell: clay scultpures for daily life

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