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Video is entering final version!

Awesome Bill! Love it! I think even as a rough version you have done a great thing. With the links to Sereana's poem and imagery it will be gorgeous. I love the music it really reflects the way Sereana sees wake and sleep, and I think the poem reflects the video is alot of ways, even though you didn't have much to go on. I hope you like the inspiration of the poem too. I'm going to be adding lashes to the piece because she mentions it several times. The poem added the addition of the waking and a bit of a sense of loss of her soft lovely dream world connection. I think we might have to have that reflected in the video too at the end. ITs really wonderful to see each of us inspiring and creating something in each other's work. It's sooo cool to be able to watch things morph into the final work!

Still have to figure out how to get it to play on the ipad mini but maybe once its complete you can put it on youtube, or we can figure out a way of getting it to loop, as It just isn't letting me do so from dropbox-yet, but i haven't talked to Michael. I am abit uncomfortable about some of the self referential images I think but its hard to unlink my own knowledge from the pictures. It would be quite different for someone who didn't know me, I guess.

I love the way you pan across the images and layer it over another photograph. That is simply beaurtiful. It will be exciting to see the colourized version.

Really wonderful feel to the video. I hope you like the process too! Thanks again sooo much for your help to make this piece an experience!


Super reading Bill! It will sound great in the ear me thinks.

I love the music again and I think you softened the first section which is nice. I still love the layering of the art - and was wondering if you could add an extra element like that to the day time just to open up a bit more of the dichotomy between the demands of the day and the hectic nature of life and the gentle swirl of the night thoughts.

I was thinking that there might be some way to colourize the day in red and images are upside down (as I mentioned before- as if the images of the day are bouncing off the retina. (pin hole box camera).

Could you see using Sereana's poem across the whole video-the first verse being edged onto the swirling art visuals? - and then the second verse read after a short break in the starry night squares (as it already is) and then a wee break with the third verse and use some change that brightens or seems to be a morning light through blurry lashes with colours again or something like that? -that depicts the waking that happens in that verse-back into day, echoing the loss of the dream life- gently though.

Thanks for the suggestions Pat. I will touch it up again tonight or on the weekend. I was running on low sleep so I did what I could... and as you know all endeavors take longer than expected.

I did the voice and added some light melodies for the first part. Soundwise I think it's where it needs to be, but viz-wise I will touch it up with your eye. Thanks 4 that.

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