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More Cross talk!

I'm in. Love to do it... let's talk. Going on shoot. Call tonight? B

Here is the link to dropbox for the first version. I didn't colourize yet and I wanted to add other photos to the night part... so it's rough. Just to get a taste of it... let me know what you think. It says it may take another 25 minutes to upload so if you're up late you may have to wait.

The last part I created for the poem... so Serena's poem or a voice will go over the soft keys. I hope it kinda works. Maybe some more art pics will help the segue into the night. I sort of didn't want to go back to other photos... just stick with art leading into the night. If you have about 10-15 more or can take some snaps of your hands, art and face and other art let me know and I'll revise.



Oct 10, 2014

Thanks for the suggestions and I will touch it up again tonight or on the weekend. I was running on low sleep so I did what I could... and as you know all endeavors take longer than expected.

I did the voice and added some light melodies for the first part. Soundwise I think it's where it needs to be, but viz-wise I will touch it up with your eye. Thanks 4 that.

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