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Enter Videographer: Photographer and Conversations cross country about images and music continue

Hello, My fellow artist types!

20141002_140847 (1).jpg

I was wondering if you might in short notice within 2 weeks (before October 15th be able to help me with a wee bit of work. We put together the application for this project a few months ago so I was hoping to push forward on that note.

Sereana has already started working on a poem based loosely on the sculpture slowly building on the wall at the Modern Fuel gallery, and I am hoping you can find the time to add your expertise.

The poem suggests that the video/music be about the daily life and sleep cycleas seen through the eye of an artist and the multitude of influences that we draw from in the environment around us, as well as our own work and others, that eventually coalesces into a dream piece.

I want to incorporate a short short video that for the first half -Less One minute- is just a daily scene- wake, eat, see kids off to school, walk into town, see people, plants, buildings, see kids, work on art, read, watch tv, eat, sleep - but I'll have to talk with you about this further Bill, but its all in red and upside down (like its being reflected on our retina at the back of the eye.

Then the second half is grayed black and white images, (Michael -I would like to use some of your work for this, as I see everything as a flashing, mishmash as if dreaming-really fast nonsense -ical like (the theory is) our minds do to re organize our unprocessed thoughts and images and memories that get filed away at night. The poem may want to reflect the different levels of alertness.

If you can do this, it should not have to be a great work of video art in itself, as it will be displayed behind a open fretwork of sculpture. Though the words and music (if Bill wants to donate any unlyriced work) would be important. It need not be logical or continuous but reflect the sleep state. Otherwise think creative! I'll send along the poem as it is finished.

Thanks so much!

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