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Beginnings of I(rise)

Initial motivation was to make a large oval nest: perhaps a safe place to be when dealing with complex emotions that are a part of the grieveing process.

80% of our energy can be redirected to our emotions, it is said when loss is being processed. This leaves little for much else, which is why we are more physically tired, and intellectually we are not at our best, and memory is often affected as well.

It is important to try to find a place to feel safe to process your emotions. Not allowing ourselves to grieve has other consequences which can have physical aspects that are not so easily mended. Healing in a healthy way is very important or we get stuck in a way of thinking that never allows us to deal with our emotions and energies .

The initital idea was to have a collection system for all the salt water- or feelings of overwhelming loss that are relieved by tears, that strange aspect of being human that allows us some outlet for feelings.

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