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William van Asperen: Musician /composer for Autopsy of a Loss

Grief is a universal emotion we all experience.

It's one of most difficult, yet natural responses and part of the our human condition. It can also be one of the most destructive reactions. How we express ourselves when we're happy or joyous, is one thing, but grief can take up a huge place in our lives. How we deal with these feelings of loss, whether it be a death, loss of a relationship, job loss, or any type of personal tragedy... may determine our resiliency. I believe creative expression of such intense emotions in any form can be therapeutic and help us find different ways to heal. As musician, one of the ways I express myself is through sound. I take the intangible emotions in my life and put that energy into the writing and creating music. By roughing out, edging in notes and phrases much like the sculptor’s cutting, molding, chipping and forming this new creation, I express myself. It is a really healthy way of using our skills to express what we can't always put into words or talk about. There is much of our experience that remains beyond words. Commitment to Project: I will be working toward creating two sound pieces each week of the show, based on the stages of grief as set out by the group. I may or may not include video as a visual element in my work –It is undecided at this time and may have more to do with the needs of the group, as well as my own individual creative direction at the time of the exhibit. My first love is music and therefore it will be what I am offering to commit to contribute here. My work will likely be processed onto Sound Cloud and then used in the exhibit during the weeks. I will also be skyping in at different times to let the group know about my progress.

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