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Custom Made
             Wall Sculpture 

One of a kind Light weight wall Sculpture pieces to help you fill your Home with custom art that reflects the environment you want to create.

Specializing in photo editing, organization and reconstruction of old, faded or damaged images to protect your family  heirlooms and precious family memories.

We can organize and digitize your family's old photos before they get damaged.  I can also help you publish these heirlooms into a book or ebook to share with all your relatives.  

Wall Sculpture 

Let us help you find Sculpture or wall pieces that will help you add to the beauty and uniqueness of your home.


One of a kind watercolour and ink illustration pieces to help you fill your Home with custom art pieces that reflect your personal style.

       or  Custom Illustration 

Let's work together to create a beautiful portrait of a loved one theat reflects their personality and interests.  Speciallizing in visualizing potential dreams and imaginary or ancient times.

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