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Why would you pay for the services of an organizer when you can do the work yourself? The answer is that most people today are simply overwhelmed the number and disorganization of their own photos. We capture so many memories constantly, that when we sit down to remember events or share moments, finding the right images and making them tell the right story can be challenging. 


When you ask someone why they take photos the most common answer is to remember, and the way we do that today is through photos. But  its the next step is often overlooked: sorting, organizing and creating the story that goes with the photos. Over the years people become increasingly overwhelmed and frustrated and need someone to step in and offer assistance.


The price is negotiated and set up front and will usually be rated based on what the client needs. Hourly packages in 10, 20 and 30 hour chunks, and certain discounts are offered if chunks of time are pre-purchased rather than tallied up and paid when the project is over.

Do you Need a Professional Organizer?

“It’s really been an honor to be entrusted with my clients’ precious memories and it’s a wonderful feeling when you see the results fall into the hands of the people who will get the most out of them."

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