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I am drawn to representing the natural flora, and finding the intricate interlacings of line that tangle and build the complexity of the form.  Line has always been an important part of my work.  Natural elements of earth, air, water, and sometimes integrating the human figure is a common motif in my work. There is a tendency to stylize these subjects, until they speak at a symbolic level.

 I am a constant student of  the human condition, its limitations and its ability to use imagination and creativity to move beyond it.  I've been fascinated and priveledged to watch people move beyond pain and find comfort in making and open up when using their minds and bodies to create.    I'm rather avid in my study of  psychology, and sociology and how our minds inform us.  I am inspired by the connection between art and healing, how its expressive  nature allows us to make connections, and attempt communication through other means, when words fail us, and I've recently begun a more formal study in Art Therapy as it connects all these passions for me. 

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